Car Customization

The automobile detailing business has exploited service providers and clients through the years to change existing vehicle models into something distinctive and price-worthy. Dashmesh Auto Car Repair will not accept anything less than comprehensive customization and modification solutions that are simply tailored.

The key purpose for using automobile detailing services is to improve the look of the vehicle. Interestingly, the proportion of clients who are new car owners who get detailing done outnumbers those who own older models. Modification is the simplest method for a car owner to enjoy a completely different appearance and feel without purchasing a new one. Dashmesh Auto provides automobile customization services that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Dashmesh Auto guarantee that your automobiles will have a more noticeable appearance, which others may envy once your car hits the roads. Our aftermarket goods for all types of cars are the key to rethinking your current automobiles.

Popular Customization

Body Kit Fitment

Dashmesh Auto’s professional installers can replace your present vehicle's bumpers and side skirts with any manufacturer-approved kit of your choosing.

Alloy Wheel

We can supply you with new alloy wheels for your car. We provide and fit a wide range of makes at competitive pricing - just ask. Your wheels will be fitted with the appropriate tires and will be ready to roll. We can also create alloy wheels to match your desired aesthetic.

Uniform Colouring

Our professional paint experts can paint the plastic body pieces of your car whatever colour you like. These can comprise bumpers, front grilles, and trims, among other things.