Frame Repair

If you have just been in a big collision, your car's structure may be damaged to the point where it is unsafe to drive. In this scenario, we recommend that you visit Dashmesh Auto Body Shop in Brampton.

Our experienced frame straightening technicians will provide you with free quotes for your vehicle and repair your automobile frame at a reasonable cost. Please fill out an online form on our website if you want to obtain an estimate on your automobile before you bring it to our facility.

Repairing a frame takes time. We will try our best to return your vehicle within five business days, but depending on the level of damage to your vehicle, it may take longer. Following the initial examination, we will offer you with an approximate time frame. We guarantee it will be worth the wait. When we finish the repairs, you will have a car that has had a factory-grade restoration that looks and drives better than before. If necessary, we may arrange for a rental car at our auto body shop so that you can travel around while your car is being repaired.

Frame Damage
Your car's structure is similar to its bones. The frame supports the exterior as well as the internal components of your vehicle. Due to the intensity of the impact, the frame may bend or break during an accident. In certain circumstances, glancing at the automobile will reveal this type of automotive frame damage. In other circumstances, the car's exterior may appear to be in good condition, but the interior may be severely damaged, which may be discovered during an examination at your local auto body shop.

Types of Frames

Body on Frame
The body and the frame are the two main components of the vehicle's construction. The body of the vehicle - the basic "skeleton" that comprises the cabin, engine bay, and luggage compartment - stands on top of a robust, flat frame that supports the vehicle's weight and holds the suspension and wheels. Consider pickup vehicles and huge SUVs.
The body of the vehicle also functions as the frame, supporting the vehicle's weight and housing the suspension and wheels. Consider anything except pickup vehicles and really big SUVs.
Towing Services

Assume you're seeking for a reputable towing service to transport you from point A to point B. In that situation, Dashmesh Auto is ready to provide you with dependable towing and a safe transport to your destination. We are available seven days a week and 24 hours a day to assist you with our towing service. Our towing vehicles are outfitted with all of the gear required to tow your vehicle safely. We tow all types of vehicles, including motorcycles.

We come in 30 minutes or less, and our costs are fair, with no hidden extra surcharges. Our services are reliable, and they are handled by actual pros. Call Dashmesh Auto in Brampton for all of your towing requirements, whether emergency and non-emergency.