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CIN or MSO or Physician Management?

Integrated Networks Wear Many Hats So They Have Lots of Names It’s no surprise that people, or Google, have a hard time wrapping their brains (or bots, respectively) around just what to call something like Trinetic Healthcare. Outfits like ours handle all the non-medical, yet still important, day-to-day aspects of…

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Dallas physician network

Benefits of Clinically Integrated Networks

Let’s Talk Benefits of Clinically Integrated Networks Face it, Covid-19 has uprooted the world we knew and people are understandably shy about being social butterflies these days. The upside may be no more hypochondriacs in your office overtaking your schedule, but the downside is less income. And those people who…

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Dallas clinical network

The Upside of Clinically Integrated Networks

Why Clinically Integrated Networks Versus Standalone Providers? It’s like old proverb “no man is an island” says, but replace “man” with “physician” and you get the idea. Couple that with the idea of staying away from the traditional hospital system and you start to realize that grouping like-minded doctors and…

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