Vehicle Restoration

Dashmesh Auto in Brampton specializes in bringing damaged automobiles back to life and making them roadworthy. Our procedure begins with a comprehensive car check. We assess any faults that need to be addressed and devise a strategy to return the automobile to its original condition and shine. Maintenance may involve fixing any damage, replacing broken parts, and completely cleaning the vehicle. When the restoration is finished, we do a final check to verify the automobile is safe and roadworthy.

Restoration Services

Body Restoration

Salvaged automobiles can have substantial body damage that may be restored by qualified specialists at an auto body shop. We employ innovative equipment and procedures to return the car's body to its original state, guaranteeing that it appears and works as if it were brand new.

Title Clearance

Auto body shops may assist with this procedure by submitting the relevant documentation and paperwork to the ministry, making it easier for the owner to receive a clean title for the vehicle.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Repurposed vehicles may be eligible for insurance claims if they were damaged in an accident or by natural catastrophes. Dashmesh Auto assists the car owner in navigating the claims procedure and providing the appropriate evidence to the insurance provider, making it easier to obtain the necessary reimbursement.

Mechanical Repairs

Salvaged vehicles may have mechanical difficulties that must be rectified before they can be utilized safely. We have qualified mechanics in our workshop who can identify and repair these issues.

Inspection & Certification

Salvaged vehicles must be inspected by the ministry before they may be registered and driven on public roads.

Frame Straightening

Car frames may be twisted or bent, compromising their stability and safety. We have a specialist personnel and technology to straighten the frame and realign it, restoring the car's roadworthiness.

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